Thursday, July 23, 2009

Calorie Burn While Washing the Car? Hmmmmmm.....

I thought this vintage car wax ad was cool, so I thought I would share it with y'all.  But here's another side many calories do you burn while washing your car?

You should be surprised how many calories you burn while doing normal activities.  For instance, if I washed, dried and waxed my car for 30 minutes, I would have burnet 118 calories!  I know, it's very exciting.  Well, there are a multitude of activities that we don't count as "exercise" but we burn cals just the same.

For instance, do you know that housecleaning burns calories?  Walking to the store instead of driving?  Obviously.  But did you know that cooking even burns calories?   Yes, if you cook for an hour, you can burn between 100 - 139 calories!  And yes, even if you are just standing, you can burn calories.  Crazy, eh?

I found this interesting site that calculates how many calories you burn doing a variety of standard activities if you just enter your weight and how long you were doing that activity.  I would check it out...and also you can figure out how many calories you are burning per day in conjunction with how many calories you are ingesting.  I find it kind of fun, but then, I am a fanatic so you be the judge.

Even if I were to spend the time calculating everything I did in one day, I would still need to exercise for my own alone time and peace of mind.  I love knowing that I had exercised and that it's out of the way.  And another tip - I found if you exercise in the morning before you eat anything at all, your body burns fat instead of the carbs from the food you just ate!  It's brilliant that our bodies are like computers.  It searches for carbs to burn, but since you haven't eaten since the night before and there isn't anything to burn, it defaults and searches for something else to burn, which are fat cells.  It's a fabulous thing.

Anyhow, if you buy the book in the next couple of weeks, I will email you the bonus cookbook for free.  Just email me and ask!

I was written up TWICE on Yahoo Answers as being the best answer for diet and exercise worked for them and it can work for you, if you're interested, boys and girls.  I know what I am talking about.  I will keep my girlish figure until the end of time and still have a LOT of fun.