Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh My, That IS Good Advice.....

I am happy to say that even modern pin up model and the "Queen of Burlesque" Dita Von Teese even feels the same way about exercise as I do. You will see that if you have bought the book and seen that what even Dita is saying is part of the exercise plan I have included for you.

And listen up, girls...being sexy and glamourous is all in how you feel. Check out this English interview with Dita about glamour and exercise. Just click on her picture above or the link below and it will take you right to it.
Cheers, Thanks a lot....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feeling Like This Today?

I sure am. But in any event, that just reminded me to tell you girlies to always make sure you pack what you are supposed to eat to go with you, unless you are going to a planned destination on your "On" days. I know myself and I get extra grumpy if I am un-prepared and then have to eat something I don't want to. Just ask around my friends, family and creative partners. They will all say a resounding YES, THAT'S TRUE!

So when in doubt and you have to eat out, have some sashimi and vegetables. You are not breaking the diet and still going out to eat. And yes, having Sake is OK.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Down Dog

Well, I finally tried my first yoga class in Las Vegas. It was actually quite challenging, and the teacher, Cheryl Slader, was more than nice. She taught some moves and positions that I had not done or practiced before (and I do a lot of Yoga every week). I don't know about the other teachers that teach for Blue Sky Yoga Las Vegas, but I am taken with Cheryl.

I went with a friend who goes on Sundays. I love yoga, and I swear by it because it really tones your feminine shape without getting the huge muscles like some girls get with weight lifting. If you already have the sort of larger shape to begin with, I would suggest yoga hands down.

Don't like classes? Don't want to bend and flex in front of other folks? Then I would get Denise Austin's Fat Blasting Yoga from the year 2002. Yeah, she is cheesy and overly cheerful, but at least it will distract you from the fact that, yes, you are exercising. I appreciate her for that.

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