Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bike Ride

I ate the best food tonight! At the Palace Station they have an Oyster Bar called Oyster Bar. Ironic, eh? Anyhow, they are famed in town for the best seafood and gumbo in Vegas. I am not a gambler in this casino, as the vibe is not my bag. But I just went the Oyster Bar tonight (my honey took me) and it was to DIE for. Very heavy on the cream and the seafood was delightful. So, as you can guess, it was a Day Off....fitting for Memorial Day.

Afterward, I went for a bike ride around downtown Las Vegas with my sweetheart and my very good friend Mary Joy. Mary Joy is THE Fashionista of Very Vintage Vegas headed by Jack Levine, who knows a lot about vintage property in Las Vegas. We rode all over the place, and she assists me on my next property acquirements. My point is, after the heavy meal I ate at the Oyster Bar, even though I had exercised that day, I felt GREAT exercising again in a fun way by riding around on my bicycle for over an hour. And at night in Vegas, it's GORGEOUS. I can honestly say that the days can be painful with this kind of heat, but the nights are delicious and perfect to ride a bike everynight...after the sun goes down, of course.

Tuesday, as I have a private modeling function to go to at the Palms Casino and Resort, so I have to get more into the good girl mode....no more fun for me after tomorrow - but I will be making Memphis-style pork ribs with cold white bean and garlic tomato salad...you can find the recipe in my book if you are interested....

Cheers, and the best to everyone coming back from the Memorial Day weekend.