Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling Blue is GOOD (In certain circumstances)

Here are just a few tricks and tips that I thought I would share that keep my girlish figure nice and trim.  I experimented with a ton of things from celebrity diets and found that these things actually work!  Mind over matter is a great practice to implement, as the mind is half the battle to accomplishing anything.  If you mind says you can, than the lovely body follows.

1.  Tapas style meals.  I like to eat a lot of different things in small amounts, preferably on cute little dishes.  I like to try a variety/sampling of foods in one meal, and even when all of that adds up, it's still far less calories than a whopping one dish monster on a huge plate.  Plus it's more fun and the strange thing is, it makes me feel like I'm having a little tea party like you did when we were all little.  Ha!

2.  Blue dress, blue plate, blue blue blue all around.  Eat off a BLUE salad-sized plate, wear more blue dresses and articles of clothing in your wardrobe, etc.  Scientific research shows that blue is the least appetizing color, and eating with that color plate will decrease your appetite and help you lose weight fast and easily.  Notice how all fast food restaurants are colored in oranges, reds and yellows?  Those colors are the ones that actually get people in the mood to eat.  But not blue!

3.  Stay BUSY.  For me when I am busy and running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I eat far less and actually forget sometimes (which isn't great, so that's not a good thing).  But it's true...if you are out and about and going and doing and getting things done or even just keeping busy with extra ciricular activities, you just don't think about it.

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What do you have to lose?  Except those pounds of course.

I will be back with more exciting news tomorrow....