Monday, June 15, 2009

BLT at the Mirage is Where It's AT

Well, I waited all week to go have my big Day Off and at midnight, I went with my love to the Mirage Hotel and Casino for drinks and low and behold, we were starving! Yes, it's true. So anyhow, we ended up at this restaurant called BLT and ordered gourmet burgers. I suggest the Tandoori Lamb burger. My love had the Shaft's Blue Burger, with excellent bleu cheese and caramelised onions and mushrooms. And I highly suggest the Vidalia Onion Rings, as they are not greasy and soggy, it's almost like they are baked. Everything was excellent and the burgers just melt in your mouth. Don't ever settle for some mediocre burger, boys and girls - get more BANG for your buck and treat yourself really more ways then one, it's so good (wink wink). You know what I mean.

Now, I am not going to subject you to one of my rants, but I must say this - why would you want to put a bunch or crappy food in your beautiful selves when there is so much good, clean and DELICIOUS food out there? What drives me nuts is when people get lazy and just eat ANYTHING. That is so no my style. That is NOT how I roll. If you want your body to feel better overall, be conscious of what you put in it! Have that wonderful gourmet burger, have that fresh handmade pasta with made-from-scratch vodka sun-dried tomato cream sauce, eat that just-baked-today carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, but you bet your ass if I'm eating it, it's going to be FRESH. Ok, I am done.

If you are lucky enough to be a Vegas local or you happen to be blowing through town, visit BLT at the Mirage. And say hey to Kay at the Kokomo. Great Long Islands.

Yes, and I know that the picture today doesn't make any since, but I liked it anyway. Be sure to check out The $100 Diet for delicious gourmet recipes, down home cooking recipes and excellent low fat recipes for those days you have to be a "good girl".