Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Being Calm DOES affect your Health! (And can make your even more charming)

Ever really thing about how being stressed-out or going off of the deep end does to your body (and your mind)? Well, there is a Big Big way to cope with those Big Big days that seem like they are never going to end.

Now I know a lot of us boys and girls live in big cities or metropolitan areas, so maybe escaping to nature is not in the immediate cards. So I found a few ways that may be able to de-stress that mess in your head when you feel like you are about to blow.

1. Take a salt bath. Salt actually cleanses and purges negative energy and impurities. Really! Didn't your mama ever tell you that? Honestly. Well, anyway, to make it more soothing, get some scented bath salts with lavender or juniper and imagine the bad energy flowing out of you and into the bath water. The mind is also a powerful tool, by the way.

2. Get one of those nature sounds on CD (yes, cheesy, but it does work - I actually like it). Here's one that might work, but there are several out there. Click here

3. Exercise. Get all of that pent up aggression out of you so you can feel relaxed and loosened up and therefore, you can sleep much better! Work out and see how to burn the fat fast while de-stressing.

4. Got a swimming pool? Know where to find one? Good! Go by yourself and just float. The water will support every muscle in the body, giving the mind less to do. And therefore, you automatically relax!

5. Do something that YOU like to do. Didn't read that good book yet? Haven't seen that good friend in a week or two? Do something that you like to do for a change.

I hope this helps. I know the economy sucks and pressure can be all around, but try not to let it get you down. And as a side note: In old-fashioned charm schools, they used to teach young ladies in training to NEVER show stress or look like you are rushed. A lady of class is always in control and charmingly calm. Something for us girls to think about.

Rocking on into the week....