Sunday, June 28, 2009

Isn't this the MOST

Well, I found this online from Bombshell Betty and couldn't resist.  This is perfect for scribbling notes and such, like grocery lists, what you swore you wouldn't forget to do or even love notes (sigh).  Anyhow, I thought this was "the most", so I thought for no reason at all, I would post it.

Fitting, too, as I am STILL at the WSOP at the Rio and it's about to go into full swing tournaments.  Whoa.  Talk about people who need to lose belly fat.  Man-boobs and big butts and guts - Oh My!  Yes, a lot of it is quite hideous, but it gives me time to write to you fine folks while on my breaks.  

Here's a tip...if you want to lose belly fat and you are working out but nothing is happening, here's what you do:  Work out in the morning BEFORE you eat.  Why, you ask?  Because as you are sleeping, your body is burning up calories just for normal body functions and you haven't eaten for a long time.  When you work out in the morning, your body doesn't really have too many calories to burn off and no carbs to burn off either.  It therefore "defaults" and will automatically burn fat fast, as it has nothing else to burn.  Then, eat promptly afterwards when done.  It works!

Well, back to chatting with poker players......