Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yes, Darlings! Apple Cider Vinegar is the Talk of the Town!

Well, I just had to share this. I have known about it for over a year when I had spoken to a guy that used to do repairs around the house in the Hollywood area for Doris Day. Yes! Anyhow, she supposedly swears by using Apple Cider Vinegar every day for medicinal and anti-aging purposes. According to many that have met her in person recently in L.A., she still looks damn good.

So here is what I found online for you, showing that many other health experts think the same....and it does aid in weight loss (which is my favorite part).

"Apple cider vinegar and weight loss

It helps to detoxify the liver which plays an important role in weight loss. There are historical facts that Egyptians took apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Some claim ACV speeds up the metabolism while some claim it burns the calories to reduce appetite. To lose weight just take 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, mixed in water, before every meal.

ACV is also available in tablets and capsules. According to some nutritionists the combination of apple cider with kelp, vitamin B6 and lecithin is much more effective for weight loss than ACV alone."

Don't you just LOVE Doris Day......