Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MOVING!#@* is GREAT Exercise

Sorry, boys and girls, but I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks due to a massive move. Offices and the entire home has moved to another abode, so I am sorry that I neglected you. But thank you for the emails and the support from you all!
I have moved to a true 1950's time capsule. It's truly remarkable and I am very happy. I will be shopping for a 1950's-1960's BIG house in the next few months again, as things have definitely changed for the better. So this move is good, even though it has been laced with bad vibes and stress out of my control. But everything is fixable.
Well, my post for today has to do with moving, which sucks and is a pain in the ass. But the good thing is that you get fantastic constant exercise and boy, do you deserve that beer or chilled glass of Chardonnay at the end of the day! Plus, during times like that, you can afford the extra naughty indulgence, like a tiki-inspired adult beverage or pizza (just to reward yourself with just one extra cheat meal in the week).
The other point I would like to address is that we are heading into summer shortly and with heat comes the comfort of eating less. I tell you, it has been in the 90's for the last couple of days and it will continue for the next few days before we get some relief with high 80's here in Lost Vegas. You DO feel better eating lighter and cutting down on breads and such in this kind of heat. Therefore, you can still wear little outfits and not have to worry about bloat on top of the heat.
P.S. Ellipticals are a BITCH to move! But it's worth it.
P.P.S. Stay tuned, I will be letting you in on some "cheat" food and recipes that are healthy and good for you.