Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's Get Active

Hi, Girls! It's our favorite time of the week and here is what I suggest we all do this weekend: SOMETHING ACTIVE! Yes, it's true. Even if you have been good all week and kept to your simple diet regime I outlined in "The $100 Diet", you still had better get off that couch and do something fun outdoors.

Some things to do outdoors:

Play catch
Play bocce ball
Take a LONG walk
Play croquet
Take a bike ride
Play hide and seek with your sweetheart (kidding, but now THAT's fun)
Finally pull the weeds in your garden

I am sure you will find something to do. Just as long as you are moving and not sitting down, that's the way to go. And remember, it's great to do so, specially when everybody knows that you can do a lot of these things for FREE! Now, that's what we need to hear during the horrible economic times we have inherited. Just wait until I find a ton of things to do this summer (before it gets to be 115 degrees here in Vegas, that is).

Speaking of Lost Vegas, here is a link I thought was quite interesting. There isn't any sound, but it is actual footage of the strip in the late 50's. Enjoy.