Sunday, March 8, 2009

Diet Fads That Make Us Laugh...Well, Not Really

Well, now that we are nearing Monday, and we just had a time change over the weekend (depending on where you are) I felt it inspiring to point out that we are getting closer and closer to swimsuit season and showing more skin. Ow! So let's get charged up. However, don't fall prey to these disaster diets below. If you have tried them, I would love to hear about it, but here is the skinny.
1. The Fat-Free Diet

The Theory: Eat whatever you want as long as it's fat free.
Reality Check: While it is true that extra fat in your diet does add calories, just sticking to foods touted as "Fat Free" doesn't necessarily help Supermarket shelves are constantly crammed with products advertised as fat free that are loaded with sugar and empty calories and offer little in fiber and vitamins. Read labels when shopping.
2. The Snack Pack Diet
The Theory: Cookies and chips sorted into the 100-calorie packs help limit the damage from the attack of the munchies.
Reality Check: Few are very healthy choices. Actually, some jump start your hunger to have more than one or something more fattening in it's place!
3. The Couch Potato Diet
The Theory: Who needs exercise? Just lower your calorie intake and you will automatically lose weight.
Reality Check: I mean, REALLY. Dieters that change their eating habits AND exercise see results much faster and are on their way to taking it off and keeping it off!
Want to know what REALLY WORKS? Come on, ladies, what do you have to lose except those nasty extra pounds, the jiggles and your low self esteem? It's heading toward Spring and we just "sprang forward" in time....let's get ready for bathing suit season.
Put 'em up. You know what I mean.