Friday, July 17, 2009

Today's word, Class, is SUBSTITUTE

Summer is in full swing and if you still have not managed to be the goddess you ultimately desired, I have a few tips that will help push you over that cliff to successful bathing suit wearing.  I know, you don't want to hear it, but think of this....just little tiny changes can make all of the difference.  You want to learn how to lose the belly fat and finally throw out that one piece for a two piece?  Well, then listen up and take some notes because these little tips will help you lose weight fast.

Plain non-fat yogurt - instead of sour cream  (You won't even know the difference.  The yogurt can be used instead of mayo too in some salad dressing recipes)

Iced-tea with Splenda - instead of soda  (There are a TON of really tasty teas out there.  There isn't enough time to try them all, there are so many good ones!)

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter instead of butter

Sparkling water instead of Tonic (that one is for you suave vodka tonic folk out there.  Believe me, it tastes really refreshing with a twist of lemon or lime!)

Splenda instead of sugar (that's an obvious one)

Rice cakes instead of crackers or bread (Go ahead and eat your chicken or seafood salad with out the bread or crackers and eat rice cakes instead)

Walk to the store instead of driving (You will actually feel better doing this and younger, as most adults sit at computers and drive where ever they need to go)

Night bike riding instead of TV

You will see the changes right away if you make these small little changes.  It's not that hard, boys and girls.  When you're a summer swim suit doll you'll thank me.

I also found a great site that I wanted to share to keep in the festive summertime's a place called Tiki Drink Recipes and they have a fabulous collection and social network for all the tiki drinks your little heart desires and more.  Check them out, CLICK HERE

Well, I am off to an appointment around Rancho and Alta (I LOVE it over there, very beautiful historic Vegas neighborhood and swank), but I will be stopping at the store and getting ingredients for one of these tropical pieces of heaven in a glass for later.  Trying to convince a doll to go to a pool here with me.  Let's see if I succeed.

Catcha later and drop me a line....I am free of the Rio and back in the saddle!