Thursday, June 4, 2009

Say...let's all pack ourselves a picnic to take to work!

I know that I have been away for a few days, boys and girls, but I have been booked SOLID for the last nine days straight! It's either feast or famine, I tell you. I am almost done with my engagement but I had some time (and a revelation) so I thought I would write it for you.

As I have been pretty much a good girl when it came to sticking to my regime the last nine days (except I had two cookies finally yesterday), I have packing my lunch/dinner down to a science. I pretty much have been making a picnic everyday. Now you probably are wondering what I am saying. Well, I'll tell you. Instead of making the boring lunches we all hate to pack for work/gigs, I throw in a hodge-podge of day I had fingerfoods-olives, cheese, pickles, chicken, apples and rice cakes, and another day I had made cut up tomatoes, onions, cilantro and spinach with rice wine vinegar dressing and smoked oysters and cheese, (which is just one the easy low carb recipes I have under my belt). I actually began to have fun taking the time to pack for lunch/dinner. And I stuck to my regime! Now when this engagement is over, I will thank the stars above and make one of my and chicken salad with bleu cheese dressing. Hooray! And I make the chicken with this secret cumin spice mix that's really good with the mango. But I won't tell! You have to get the book to find out!

I am also about to release an additional cookbook with recipes that are oh-so-decadent but good. I also have a section that contains very tasty, flavorful and easy low fat recipes for those Days On. It should be released on the iPhone and other smart phones within 30 days and the book is called The $100 Diet Presents THE OFFICIAL "Come and Get It" Recipe Book. It'll be fabulous!

Anyhow, try the picnic works when on the go and keeping to your "plans".

Cheers, and yes...thanks a lot