Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vintage 1949 Exercise and Health Video. Very Interesting......

I was reading in several fashion magazines all of these ways to save money in today's economy. They listed several methods, as everyone across the board is affected. But one in particular when it came to the topic of exercise caught my attention.

In the book The $100 Diet, I illustrate exercise plans that WORK without the cost of monthly fees at the gym or expensive exercise equipment. Funny, I experimented with several exercise routines and wrote the book before the economy took it's dive, so it's ironic that doing it how the book says actually makes more sense now more than ever! Ha!
Anyhow, I thought I would share with you cool cats this vintage video make in 1949 I found on YouTube.
PLUS a friend told me that she downloads for FREE exercise videos to her computer every day and watches them and works out this way. I think this is the site:
Enjoy enjoy enjoy and I am continuing my search for all things free and retro for my readers so if you know of any hot tips, drop me a line!
I am preparing for my big "Day Off" tomorrow....I think something old -fashioned with chicken sounds nice.