Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey and Stuffing and Pie - Oh MY

Well, needless to say, I really DID have a food tour while home in California. First stop was in Santa Barbara County to see my folks. They live in the official "Home of the Tri-Tip". It was bloody chilly in that town with high winds but plenty of holiday fun with my family. My mother is quite the gourmet cook and I had plenty of goodies while staying there for three days. She made a fantastic eggnog cheesecake that would blow your socks off.

Then on to my hometown of L.A. I love L.A.! I didn't realize I did until this trip. And more with the food tour....I ate pad thai from our old place we ordered from in Hollywood (where I mostly lived) and EXCELLENT and CLEAN Eggs Benedict and a "French 45" cocktail at a fairly new restaurant Downtown. It's called Bottega Louie and a dear true friend of ours Leah Faust was and still is responsible for the visuals and artwork behind the restaurant and packaging all through out. I am so proud of my very talented friend who is highly respected for her visions. She also orchestrated and collaborated with all of the packaging with Strater Records owner Erin Strater with the packaging several albums for Rachel Car. Oh my goodness - that's me! Ha!

Anyway the food was very clean with no grease and DELICIOUS. The cocktails were superb and it was another gorgeous day in my good ol' stomping grounds. May have a reason to move on back eventually. But don't worry, Vegas People....not just yet.

Well, my whole point of this is that this will be a perfect example. I stay slim but I let loose over the holiday knowing that it was going to end. Yes, eating buttery garlic bread, eggnog pie, cheese and crackers, dips and chips, pad thai, pineapple fried rice, tacos (from our favorite taco stand in Silverlake while in L.A.), wine, Bellini's, French 75s, pasta with shrimp and tomato garlic sauce, olives, cheese, oysters, champagne and blah blah blah.....was GREAT, but I knew it had to end. I can feel the bloat, the body not processing what I would prefer to put in it (I wish I could have had some sashimi). But Monday the 30th is D day, so here I am. I am looking forward to it and getting rid of the bloat and water weight and feeling like my slender, sexy foxy self. I love food, but with several days in a row of decadence? Oh, brother.

We all have to prepare for Christmas in just a few weeks, so let's all be good girls until then? I will if you will. And I will give a tip to keep us on track.....Oysters, fruit, veggies, olive oil, yogurt, eggs and chicken/fish. I will give recipes in the next few days to keep you on focus. Deal? :)

Download the plan. You'll understand.