Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Watch out, here it comes....

Well, it's here kids...the book called "Recipebook for Bad Girls" will be available on iTunes and Smartphones shortly and is already available at Amazon's Kindle.  Download it today!

This is a small collection of my naughty but oh-so-good recipes from scratch that will make your whole weekend.  I am so excited.  If you like food, you'll LOVE these recipes!

By the way, there is a perk to being a good girl most of the week, exercising and keeping active.  I recently moved to a cool new house (I LOVE this house, the owner really did a great job restoring and preserving the mid-century features in not only the home itself, but the yard and exterior features!) and I not only exercised normally but I was hauling boxes and lifting and moving all day for three days!  And you bet your bottom dollar I was hungry.

Well, these days was the perfect time to have my treats.  I earned it!  My other half took me out to a nice sushi dinner and I was famished.  But I ate moderately still and knew when to stop.  As my activity level was so high, I digested my food immediately and moved on to bean japanese ice cream.  Delicious!

Anyhow, Fall is here and here we are.  So let's get in the Fall mood and eat how we want to eat and still look foxy.  Low fat recipes are not that bad!  They are actually tasty with the right spices!  Buy the book.  GET ACTIVE!  Don't sit around on computers or in cars for hours on end.  Get moving!  Literally.